Extension of visa-free travel

A foreigner who is staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland on the basis of an international agreement on visa waiver or to whom a partial or total visa waiver applies, may, in justified cases, extend the period of stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland by another 90 days, if such a possibility is provided for in the agreement on visa waiver. (Agreements with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Singapore and Uruguay currently provide for this).

Procedure for submitting application

A foreigner submits an application for extending the period of a stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland under the visa-free regime in person to the voivode competent for the foreigner’s place of residence, not later than on the last day of a legal stay in that territory under the visa-free regime, and justifies this application.


Free of charge

Necessary documents:

1. An application prepared in Polish containing data allowing to identify the foreigner (first name, surname, date of birth, citizenship), address of residence and justification.

Note: Lack of any of the aforementioned documents shall result in the foreigner being requested to complete it within a period not shorter than 7 days from the delivery of the request under pain of leaving the application unprocessed.

Typical documents proving the circumstances indicated in the application:
1. Documents confirming legal residence on the territory of Poland,
2. Photocopy of a valid travel document (original available for inspection).

Note: When it is necessary to clarify or specify the evidence held by the authority during the proceedings, the foreigner may be called upon to provide other documents or submit testimonies confirming circumstances referred to in the application.
Note: Extension of the period of stay under the visa-free travel regime on the territory of the Republic of Poland takes place by placing a stamp in the foreigner’s travel document confirming the extension of the period of this stay by 90 days. The extension shall be refused by decision.
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