Work permit type C

It refers to a situation where a foreigner is employed by a foreign employer and is delegated on the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year to a branch or plant of the foreign entity or where the foreign entity is related to a domestic entity in the form of a president of the company or common property.

Required documents:

1. application for a work permit for a foreigner in the territory of the Republic of Poland;

2. document confirming the legal status and form or nature of the activity conducted by the foreign employer;

3. documents confirming the relationship in the form of the same president of companies or common assets of a foreign and domestic company;

4. document confirming the fact of employing a foreigner in a foreign entity (e.g. an employment contract drawn up in two languages);

5. a copy of all filled in pages from a valid travel document of the foreigner concerned by the application, and if the foreigner does not have a valid travel document and it is not possible to obtain it, a copy of another valid document confirming his/her identity should be attached;

6. statement of the foreign entity, which will indicate a person authorized to represent the foreign employer, staying in the territory of Republic of Poland;

7. proof of payment of the fee;

8. statement of no criminal conviction;

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